Biography Blandine van Noordt-Grauer

Blandine Kunstenares

French period 1951-1988

I am of French origin and was born near Paris. After school, I went to Versailles and studied to be a nurse. During mu studies, I took classical guitar lessons with Spanish teachers in the conservatory.

The Netherlands period 1988- until today

When I arrived in Holland, I started to paint and was self-taught. I did oil painting, pastel and drawing. At that time, my husband was a fruit grower. We had an orchard with apples and pears. We worked very hard. With all this hard work, both with the company and at the hospital, I found that the best way to relax was to paint and to play the guitar. Since 1989 I have been a member of the “Cercle des Artistes” in Albrandswaard and, to this very day my passion is painting and holding exhibitions. I am also a member of a ”Cercle des Guitaristes”. The combination of both painting and playing music produces mutual influence and both disciplines stimulate each other. I invite you to discover my paintings and go to my galery

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